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Fire Bellies (free) 04:52
I said, "The more I learn the less I know. What I thought I knew I never did". And I like it when the sun shines on the black hills filled with gold. I like to dance about in moonlight before I turn into a lycanthrope and I don't need no extra attention. For the reasons should be obvious. Don't you dare let that fire in your belly go out. If it does, you can stoke the flame and get them as high as you want. Apply your logical mind and use the critical analysis. You'll see that most things don't hold water and then you can just throw them in the trash bin. But that doesn't mean there are no monsters. They just take residence inside of your head. And none of them fucker's they pay no rent here. So make the powers of eviction proud now.
I need your loving. I've seen you give some. You can't play dumb here. I know you want me and I want you, too, dear. Let's not waste no time here. Underneath a dark sky. You and me is alright. Let's drop the defense. No need to pretend you don't want what you want. Everybody wants to be loved.
Meat Dept 04:33
I reckon there's a million of me. Couple million of you. And right now a couple of me don't need to talk to you. Now we have this and that. And right now that just amounts to this shit. You think I am a good-looking dude? I think you're good-looking, too. Let's come together and see what we can do. It doesn't matter to me and that's a matter of fact. What happens here, it stays with you, dear.
Alpha Horse 05:10
Well, I'll be damned I've got surprised again. I fell behind. I've got a hole to fill. I get down on the ground because it comes real fast only this time more sneaky and powerful. Can you tell me how the hell to contain myself when everyone here is uncontainable? All of it's gone. It's all been wiped away. Nobody knows. Nobody remembers. If you believe me you better run like hell. They're coming for you. I'll help you pack your things.
-My Minotaur Holds Steady- Hold steady. Wait right here. I'm gonna be the President and you can be my Secretary of Defense. And we, we'll raise an army and call them up when we get unhappy. And I'll hire engineers and they can build a fortified city. We'll rule with impunity as we sit and watch the minotaur hold steady. I'm gonna run for government.
House Plants 03:15
Us Them Me 05:51
I've got no say so. I let them cut my tongue out. I've laid down my fiddle. Now I play the snare drum. I've got no feelings, I let them cut my heart out. Laid down my fiddle. And now they pay me well. Revolutionary War (1775-83) Civil War (1861-65): If you laid down your fiddle for the drum, you were off to war.
Oh god, I feel 'em closing in on me. I see 'em stare at me like a pair of doe-eyed cows. Is there a way that you could let me in? So I could stay safe from the way's of the monsters in the crowd? I’ve never meant to do you any harm. But goddamn! If I don't have a tiny black heart. I've been in space for way too long. Lost all the skills and I can no longer do my part. I can't remember what went on. Bit to the bone, but why? I can never recall. Does it make it lesser? I don’t know. It was always there for me. But I never knew for sure.
Some of my bones is hurting me more and more than they used to do. Now I noticed that I'm having some troubles nowadays keeping my thinking straight and it gets hard to remember things. Well, shit the bed Fred. I'm not as quick and smart as I thought I was. And now I'm beginning to think the possibility I never ever had it to begin. I'm beginning to break down. Can you put me back together when I break apart? When my vision is all gone, tell me where and when to go and tell me it's safe to do.
Salvoed 03:34
Ha! Instrumentalization!
Semi Trucks 04:34
I shift ten gears on a semi. Lonely haul. I guess I get by. Checking all the needles on my gauges. Sleep when I can in stages. Checking all the people in my rear. Make sure I don't hit none of you. If you don't think you're full of shit, I'm here to say you're a hypocrite. Let us just take this truck of mine and make peace on down the line. Let us just say you're full of shit. Let us just say I'm a hypocrite. Let us make peace all through the night. Let us make good on through the ride.
250N 07:02
Follow along and get strung along.
Woops! Another instrumentaled!


This is the first LP from TSC


released June 7, 2011

N Paul Morrow


all rights reserved



THE SCUBA CULT Asheville, North Carolina

I write music.

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